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Surfer escapes shark attack

Tuesday 10th April 2001

A surfer had a narrow escape when he was twice attacked by a shark in South Africa.

Dunstan Hogan was dragged underwater by a great white or ragged tooth shark.

The 46-year-old South African is recovering in a Port Elizabeth hospital with leg injuries.

"The shark bit my surfboard and my body together and took me about five to six feet under the water," he said.

"I was still holding my board under the water when my feet hit the sand. I opened my eyes and saw this big figure thrashing about."

He managed to surface and pull his surfboard towards him and once he got back on, he paddled for the shore.

"As I was paddling I saw this big thrashing of grey and then it came up from beneath and knocked me into the air."

Mr Hogan managed to cling to his board and continued paddling to the shore and safety. He said he was "very grateful and extremely lucky to be alive" and plans to go surfing again when he has recovered.

Local sports physician and general practitioner Dr Peter Schwartz said Mr Hogan's bite wounds were the biggest he had ever seen.

The East Cape beach was closed after the attack, but later re-opened, reports the Daily Dispatch.

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