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    Tiger mauls trainer to death as he protects colleague

Wednesday August 1, 2001

Florida -- A tiger has mauled an animal trainer to death as he tried to protect his colleague.

Vincent Lowe and a female trainer were fixing a fence at Savage Kingdom in Sumter County, Florida, when the Siberian tiger lunged at them.

They tried to use a board to push the tiger back into its holding cage but as it overpowered them, Mr Lowe insisted the woman get out of the compound and secure the gate behind her.

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Lt Gary Brannen said the tiger tore a gash in Mr Lowe's neck, broke his ribs and clawed his head and arms. The park's owner, Mr Robert Baudy, shot the animal dead.

When paramedics arrived Mr Lowe was dead, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Lt Brannen said: "He was trying to keep the cat at bay until she could get out. He told her to get out and shut the door. Maybe he thought he'd be able to control the animal and get it back into the other cage."

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