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from The Star (IOL) South Africa

    Swazi baboons attack toddlers

June 12, 200

By Bhekie Matsebula

Siteki - Starving baboons on the rampage for two weeks in Maphungwane in eastern Swaziland have begun attacking people.

Baboons grabbed, beat and bit two toddlers in separate incidents at their homesteads at the weekend. Both needed medical treatment.

Fears of persecution by the wildlife authorities are preventing threatened residents from bringing the baboons under control. (continued)

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Residents say the baboons attacked people for the first time on Friday. Previously the animals had targeted goats and other small animals in Maphungwane. One man said he had lost 34 goats to attacks.

On Friday night Samkele Gamedze, 3, was playing at her house when a stray baboon attacked her. The animal tossed the girl up and down before neighbours came to her rescue.

A one-year-old toddler playing outside his mother's hut was attacked by baboons on Sunday. The boy sustained injuries to his abdomen and is recovering at the Good Shepherd hospital.

"I saw a baboon lifting my child who was already bleeding from his stomach. I waved a stick to chase the animal, but it attacked me too," the boy's mother said.

Nature conservationists at the Bhambhamu nature reserve have been informed about the rampaging baboons but had not yet taken action by last night.

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