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from The Boston Globe

    Pack of dogs attack joggers in Queens
By Associated Press, 12/27/2001 10:40

NEW YORK (AP) One of two joggers attacked by a pack of stray dogs in Queens was in critical condition Thursday with bites on his face, arms and torso.

''He's doing a little better today than yesterday,'' Tara Fleming, a spokeswoman for Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, said Thursday. ''But he's still critical.''

The attacks occurred around 8 a.m. Wednesday on a boardwalk in the Rockaways.

The second jogger, Marlene Fils-Aime, 51, of Rockaway, was bitten on her legs. She was listed in stable condition at the hospital.

''She ran over there to help him, and then they started attacking her,'' Fils-Aime's son, Marc, 17, said.

The dogs two pit bull terriers, two rottweilers and a German shepherd mix were later chased away by two bystanders.

After the attacks, officers tranquilized the dogs with darts and captured them. They were turned over to the Center for Animal Care and Control, said Sgt. Gerry Falcon.

Wilfredo Velez, 46, a homeless man who said he owned one of the animals, has been arrested and charged with having an unleashed dog, but police said the other dogs were probably strays. The attacks came two days after two wallabies, four deer and a peacock were killed at the Staten Island Zoo, supposedly by a pack of dogs. Zoo workers found an opening under a fence where the dogs may have entered.

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