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2004 Animal Attack Files

2002 Animal Attack Files:Attack Files:

12/18/02 ME: Dog incident leads to warning

12/18/02 MA: Black widow spider found in grape bag

12/17/02 MD: Md. Infant Critical After Mauling by Family Dachshund

12/13/02 CA: Valiant effort couldn't save dog victim

12/10/02 NJ: Grandmother mauled to death by family's pit bulls

11/29/02 Norway: Drunken moose alert in southern Norway (link to original report)

11/07/02 England: Squirrel terrorizes British town

10/27/02 IL: City set to tackle weighty rat issue

10/23/02 Australia: German tourist killed in crocodile attack in northern Australia

10/24/02 MN: Hunter shot in the foot by his dog

10/11/02 CA: A Los Angeles woman is suing Hollywood pit bull Michael Ovitz, claiming the former superagent's dogs attacked her

09/24/02 FL: Gator bites off arm of Kanapaha exec

09/23/02 MI: A Cougar Might Be Responsible For Animal Attacks

09/23/02 MD: Bear Sitings on Rise

09/21/02 FL: Elderly man trapped by dogs

09/20/02 CA: Tiger attacks kindergartner at Scotts Valley school

09/19/02 TX: Nursing home faces fine in fire ant attack

09/18/02 ID: Grizzly Attack

09/18/02 FL: 3 Dogs Attack 3 Women

09/17/02 CA: Dangerous dogs get city's attention

09/17/02 Tibet: Fund to redress herdsmen for animal attacks

09/16/02 UK: Savage Attacks by Vicious Dogs

09/16/02 MN: Man hospitalized after being attacked by black bear

09/01/02 England: Llama Keeps Foxes at Bay

08/28/02 ME: Bull breaks free at fair, hurts 2

08/21/02 ME: Man gored by his buffalo

08/20/02 LA: Pig attack unnerves Pineville man

08/20/02 MA: Citizens horrified as rats overrun downtown Lynn

08/20/02 England: 12-year-old boy savaged by dog

08/19/02 Slovakia: Tourist attack bear shot in Slovakia

08/19/02 NY: Bear kills 5-month-old girl in Catskills region

08/19/02 NY: Bear Sweeps N.Y. Infant Out of Stroller, Killing Her

08/17/02 IN: Bird Eats Up Hundreds of Butterflies in Indianapolis Zoo Exhibit

08/15/02 England: Invasion of the Caterpillars

08/15/02 India: Cobra gets chomped by angry victim

08/10/02 IL: Attacking Squirrel Captured in Illinois

08/09/02 MA: Rare flesh-eating bacteria kills fisherman

08/08/02 FL: 15-year-old becomes latest Florida shark-bite victim

08/08/02 ME: Rabid fox bites child in Southern Maine

08/07/02 Scotland: jellyfish have killed almost one million salmon

08/06/02 England: Dog Rips Teeth Out of Toddler

08/06/02 NC: Shark bites Wisconsin teen vacationing at NC beach

08/05/02 Slovakia: Mushroom pickers save bear attack victim

08/05/02 CA: Mother bear, cub die in Southern California house fire they started

08/02/02 Canada: Man survives cougar attack by killing it

08/02/02 England: Why have sparrows left our gardens?

07/31/02 TX: Slithering shock for landlord

07/31/02 England: Euro-moth devastates conker trees

07/29/02 Belgium: Vrouw gebeten in Olmense Zoo

07/27/02 TX: A Taste For the Exotic

07/26/02 FL: Leaping sturgeon become boating hazard

07/25/02 FL: Amoebas attack boy's brain

07/23/02 CA: Rats Invade Los Angeles

07/18/02 TX: Victim's husband says dogs weren't aggressive earlier

07/18/02 England: Invasion of the killer wasps

07/12/02 AL: Oregon woman fights off Alaska bear

07/01/02 England: Baby 'attacked by fox'

06/28/02 NC: 3 Mecklenburg rabies cases found

06/25/02 Vancouver: Cougar attacks girl near Vancouver Island

06/21/02 Panama: Suspect Escapes Jail, Is Eaten by Crocodile

06/19/02 UK: Children Hurt in Dog Attack

06/18/02 MA: Pit Bull Mix Attacked Three

06/18/02 MA: Coyotes Spotted in Waltham, MA

06/18/02 MA: A Wild [Bear] Encounter

06/13/02 CA: Beware: Insurers keep a dog blacklist

06/09/02 FL: Boy, 10, bitten on leg by shark near West Palm Beach

06/06/02 CA: Stinson closed after 2nd shark sighting

06/03/02 NM: Nowhere to Go (Bears in New Mexico)

06/03/02 NE: Would-be police dog kills boy, 4

06/02/02 FL: Teen attacked by shark off St. George Island

06/01/02 CA: Shark atttacks surfer in Marin

05/31/02 CA: Surfer Attacked by Shark at Stinson Beach

05/26/02 HA: Shark Attack Victim Describes Survival Fight

05/22/02 ME: Police probe dog mauling report

05/21/02 DC: Researchers downplay reported wave of attacks as hype

05/18/02 WA: Man stung by scorpion that stowed away in luggage

05/17/02 England: Girl, 5, 'tossed like a rag doll' by dogs

05/15/02 Tanzania: Human Baby Killed by Gombe Chimpanzee

05/15/02 NJ: Man suffers multiple leg fractures in goose attack

05/13/02 FL: Surgeons cannot reattach Florida zookeeper's arm after lion tears it off

05/13/02 Canada: Cat goes on rampage in Nova Scotia, evicts owners

05/12/02 FL: Lion Bites Arm off Florida Zookeeper

05/09/02 Switzerland: Bartender, I'll Have Another Stinger

05/07/02 Kenya: Lions rampage through East Africa's largest ostrich farm, killing 39

05/03/02 CA: Felony charges filed in dog's attack on Pollock Pines boy

04/30/02 Bangladesh: Bangladesh charmer catches 3,500 cobras

04/30/02 Australia: Shark takes diver from rescuer

04/29/02 Japan: Mischievous Monkeys Rampage

04/27/02 CA: Citrus Heights sets traps after cat attacks

04/26/02 Canada: Biting Malmute to be Put Down

04/25/02 MA: Mother of foster child killed by a dog gets $260,000 from state

04/24/02 Australia: Body in Shark was Fisherman

04/22/02 Australia: Head Found in Shark's Belly

04/22/02 CA: Pit bull mauls boy, 11, near Placerville

04/21/02 CA: Two California Dog Attacks

04/20/02 CA: Young Mauling Victim Dies

04/18/02 FL: Surfer Bitten by Shark at New Smyrna Beach

04/17/02 Borneo: Briton Killed by Crocodile

04/17/02 NY: Turkey Breaks Into Store, Trashes Hunting Videos

04/16/02 Italy: Pitbull Terriers Maul Two Farmers in Brindisi

04/16/02 FL: Yellow Jackets Swarm, Kill Man

04/15/02 UK: Commuter bitten by a tropical spider

04/14/02 Australia: Tourist Dies from Jellyfish Sting

04/13/02 NY: Syracuse boy who sneaked into zoo clawed by snow leopard

04/12/02 S. Africa: Enraged hippo bites off man's face, nose

04/12/02 FL: Boy whose arm bitten off by shark and reattached recovering slowly, still not able to walk

04/12/02 Bahamas: US shark expert seriously bitten in Bahamas

04/05/02 FL: Alligator shakes car after being run over

04/03/02 Scotland: Mink make tracks for Scotland's cities

03/30/03 TX: Uncle Says He Escaped Bull Thanks to Lovett

04/01/02 FL: Ohio Tourist Bitten While Swimming in the Atlantic

03/29//02 CA: Jack rabbits attack walkers in Sonoma County

03/27/02 CA: Boy is injured by wolf dog used for teaching

03/27/02 HA: Hawaiian teen loses foot in shark attack

03/26/02 Uganda: Government Slaughters Man-eating Crocodiles

03/26/02 FL and HA: Two Injured in Shark Attacks in Florida and Hawaii

03/25/02 HA: Kauai Teen Loses Foot In Shark Attack

03/17/02 CA: New Rep as Killer Drives Up Demand for Presa Canario

03/13/02 CA: Library Cat Attacks Dog

03/13//92 ME: Eagle Ordeal

03/12/02 London: Elephant 'Set Out to Kill' Keeper

03/12/02 South Africa: Man Near Death After Bee Attack

03/12/02 ME: Dog-bite victim will not press charges

03/12/02 Germany: Lion Kills Potential Mate

03/11/02 Kenya: Crocodile death: family tell of grief

03/11/02 South Africa: Tigers Maul S.African Robber After Botched Heist

03/11/02 England: Moors eagle owl caged after two years on wing

03/09/02 NJ: Man Attacked by Aggressive Pig

03/08/02 IL: Wild Turkeys Raising a Ruckus

03/08/02 ME: Eagle Flies Away with Dog

03/07/02 South Africa: Phalaborwa's man-eating lion gunned down

03/03/02 South Africa: Lion Kills Man, Drags Body Through Town

02/23/02 Japan: Kobe Goes Whole Hog to Stop Boars Pigging Out

02/20/02 CO: Killer snake gets lethal injection

02/20/02 CA: Squirrel Goes to School and Causes Trouble

02/19/02 FL: Shark attacks fell in 2001, but trend is upward

02/17/02 ME: Rabid bat in Waterville toddler's room

02/15/02 WI: Girl Killed by Six Rottweilers in Wisconsin

02/12/02 FL: Lure of the Exotic Stirs Trouble in the Animal Kingdom

02/12/01 CO: Owner Killed by Snake had Been Warned in '98

02/11/02 Bangladesh: Wild Elephants Kill Three, Injure 10

02/11/02 CO: Man Strangled by Pet Python

02/09/02 CA: Rottweilers Kill Boy

02/10/02 Japan: Wild Boar Attacks Three

02/06/0: UK: Trade in 'Irish' pit bulls flouts dog law

02/01/02 Poland: Mild Winter Brings Out Grumpy Bears

02/01/02 Australia: Peanut-size Jellyfish Kills Briton

01/31/02 Norway: Pack of Dogs Kills Boy

01/28/02 Australia: Melbourne Boy Mauled by Dog Animal Attack Files Special Report

01/25/02 Portugal: Lioness Kills Man at Lisbon Zoo

01/24/02 South Africa: Mozambican trampled to death by elephants

01/22/02 CA: Was It Murder?

01/12/02 NM: Arroyo Hondo Woman Dies of Bites (follow-up)

01/14/02 India: Wild Elephants Kill 17

01/12/02 NM: Arroyo Hondo Woman Dies of Bites

01/02/02 Bangladesh: Angy Villagers Kill Tiger

01/12/02 FL: Pit Bulls Kill 19 Animals in Zoo

01/02/02 New Zealand: Woman Attacked by Three Pit Bulls

01/01/02 MA: Lion Kills Lioness at Franklin Park Zoo

2001 Animal Attack Files

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