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2001 Animal Attack Files:Attack Files:

12/27/01 NY: Joggers Attacked by Pack of Dogs in Queens

12/10/01 Stockholm: Dog Swallows Man's Ear

12/04/01 Australia: Water Buffalo Gores Man

11/27/01 CA: Pit Bull Attacks Three in Salinas

11/27/02 MA: Uxbridge Attack Dogs Get Death Sentence

11/23/01 Bangladesh: Wild Elephants Kill Four

11/12/01 Nepal: Man-eating Tigress Shot

11/01/01 AL: Bull Moose Runs Over Trick-or-Treaters

10/31/01 Nepal: Tigers Kill 11 Villagers in a Week

10/22/01 UK: Zoo Reopens after Keeper Trampled by Elephant

10/20/01 Australia: Australia Invaded by 'Invincible ant'

10/12/01 TX: Tiger Attack Kills Child

10/10/01FL: Deer Crashes Through Windshield

09/25/01 Bangkok: Rabid Dog Bites 52

09/24/01 Japan: Rampaging Bear Stikes Down Four in Iwate

09/21/01 CA: Pomeranian Kills Baby

09/03/01 NC: North Carolina Shark Attack

08/27/01 PA: Pet python kills girl by coiling around neckAnimal Attack Files Special Report

08/02/01 VA: Boy Dies After Shark Attack in Virginia

08/02/01 VA: Boy Attacked by Shark Off Virginia Beach

08/21/01 NM: Bear Attack Kills 92-year-old in New Mexico

08/20/01 FL: Shark Attacks Bring Jitters

08/17/01 NM: Good night, darling: Sleeping Santa Fe Woman Kissed By Rabid Bat

08/17/01 TX: Killer Bees Spread in South Texas

08/16/01 NH: Bad Timing - Pit Bull Bites The Wrong Person

08/17/01 Edinburgh: Nevermore? Crows Terrorize Block Of Flats

08/16/01 Bahamas: Another Bahamas Shark Attack

08/15/01 FL: Sharks Massing Off Florida Coast

08/14/01 Chile: Drunken 'Dr. Dolittle' Savaged by Lion

08/14/01 Saudi Arabia: Baboons on the Rampage

08/10/01 Kenya: Elephant Tramples Safari Tourist

08/08/01 ME: Cat the Nipped Girl was Rabid

08/07/01 Bahamas: Wall St Banker Loses Leg in Shark Attack

08/02/01 UK: Rottweiler Savages Boy in Street

08/01/01 FL: Tiger Mauls Trainer to Death

07/29/01 Canada: Campers Say Polar Bear Attack was Avoidable

07/27/01 Canada: Tourists Fight Polar Bear with Pocket Knife

[July attack updates coming soon - Igor needed a vacation]

07/06/01 CA: Dog Attack in Oakland

07/06/01 UK: Jogger Buzzed by a Buzzard

07/03/01 CA: Meadow Mice Invasion

07/03/01 CA: Woman Saved from Pit Bulls

07/03/01 Cambodia: Girl, Grandmother Killed by Angry Hornets

07/03/01 England: Woman Driven from Home by Seagull

06/29/01 Spain: Lions Maul Zookeeper to Death

06/29/01 Nepal: 18 Killed As Monsoons Flush Out Deadly Snakes

06/27/01 TX: Road Closed Due to Alligator

06/27/01 FL: Woman Injured by Gator at Nudist Camp

06/27/01 Russia: Stray Dogs Kill Mother of Five

06/26/01 South Africa: Killer Hippo Dies During Capture Operation

06/24/01 CA: Black Bear Sighting in the Bay Area

06/23/01 FL: Alligator Suspected in Toddler's Death

06/23/01 CA: Vulture May Head for London

06/22/01 UK: Bull Terriers Savagely Attack Toddler

06/22/01 CA: Boy Faces Long Recovery

06/22/01 UK: Vulture May Head for London

06/22/01 CA: Mountain Lions Under State Watch

06/22/01 CA: Dogs Attack Mom as She Runs to Save her Son

06/20/01 CA: 3 Shots Kill Pit bull as It Kills Kitten

06/19/01 CA: Boy Mauled in Savage Pit Bull Attack - Follow-up

06/20/01 CA: Pit Bull Attacks German Shephard in San Francisco

06/19/01 TX: Teen Recovering from Shark Bite Off Padre Island

06/19/01 CA: Boy Mauled in Savage Pit Bull Attack

06/19/01 DC: Victim Unable to Scream for Help When Pit Bulls Attacked

06/19/01 Finland: Elk Wreaks House in Breakfast Rampage

06/19/01 Sri Lanka: Priest Gored to Death by Rescued Bull

06/18/01 DC: Boy in Critical Condition After Pit Bulls Attack

06/18/01 UK: Poison Spiders Invade Windsor Castle

06/15/01 Vietnam: Killer Elephants to be Moved

06/14/01 FL: 73-Year Old Woman Bites Pit Bull

06/14/01 IL: Hawk Terrorizes Golfers

06/14/01 UK: Two-inch 'Pet Lizard' Grows Into Crocodile

06/13/01 CA: Mountain Lion Killed After Attack on Dogs

06/13/01 Australia: Human Remains in Shark's Stomach

06/12/01 South Africa: Baboons Attack Toddlers

06/11/01 MA: Rottweiler Mauls Boy to Death

06/11/01 Australia: Foxes Bare Their Teeth in Bourke St (Melbourne)

06/11/01 NC: Man Recuperating After Gator AttackAnimal Attack Files Special Report

06/11/01 CA: Grizzlies Out; Black Bears Move In

06/10/01 CA: Komodo Dragon Bites Editor at L.A. Zoo

06/09/01 CA: Black Bears Make a Big Splash in LA Suburb

06/01/01 Norway: Dam! It's a Killer Beaver!

06/01/01 Canada: Sweet-Toothed Bear Wanted in Bakery Thefts

06/01/01 CA: Black Bear Breaks Into Store

05/31/01 Canada: Squirrel Traumatizes Senior Citizen

05/30/01 Germany: Dog Attacks Man, Man Kills dog

05/28/01 Singapore: Python Attacks Granny in Bathroom

05/14/01 Japan: Tosa Fighting Dog Kills Owner

05/03/01 Australia: Dingoes Attack Again!

05/12/01 UK: Elephant Attack Remains a Mystery

05/04/01 FL: Shark Attacks Surfer

05/04/01 FL: Otter Kills Dog

05/03/01 Australia: Aborigines Fight Dingo Cull

05/03/01 Holland: Dogowner Attacks His Dog's Victim

05/02/01 Australia: Pig Name Hannibal Kill Owner

05/01/01 Australia: Tourists Blamed for Super Dingoes

05/01/01 Australia: Dingoes to be Shot After Boy's Death

05/01/01 IL: Pet Rottweiler Kills Baby

05/01/01 Australia: Dingo had Attacked Seven Times Before

04/30/01 Hungary: Photographer Dies from Viper Antidote

04/30/01 Australia: Boy Mauled to Death by Dingoes

04/30/01 Australia: History of Dingo Attacks on Fraser Island

04/29/01 London: Destructive Pets Cause Property Damage

04/26/01 Thailand: Elephant Kills One, Injures Two

04/26/01 Thailand: 'The Elephant Suddenly Lunged At Us'

04/26/01 Cambodia: Girl Killed by Grandfather's Crocodiles

04/24/01 Hungary: Town Attempts to Curtail Attacking Cats

04/23/01 TX: Woman Survives Bee Attack

04/23/01 Belfast: Dog Kills Baby Kangaroo in Zoo

04/22/01 FL: Killer Sharks Losing Fear of People

04/19/01 MD: Amorous Dog Breaks into House

04/18/01 Tokyo: Aggressive Crows Menace Cyclists

04/17/01 CA: Sexually Predatory Sea Otter Captured

04/17/01 South Africa: Elephant Kills Handler on Film Set

04/15/01 India: Sentry Monkeys Get Paid Bananas

04/13/01 FL: Seven Shark Bites in Florida This Week

04/13/01 FL: Sharks Bite Seven People

04/13/01 Malaysia: Elephant Kills Two

04/12/01 Spain: Bears Kill Zoo Keeper

04/12/01 Romania: Boy Attacked by Lion

04/10/01 South Afica: Surfer Escapes Great White Shark

04/10/01 NE: Tiger Mauls Tiger

04/10/01 CA: Pit Bulls Attack and Wound Three

04/09/01 FL: Police Dog Attacks Girl in Jacksonville

03/28/01 India: Elephants Force Villagers to Sleep in Trees

03/23/01 CA: Rottweiler Attack in Malibu Hills

03/23/01 South Africa: Elephant Kills Woman Near Kruger National Park

03/20/01 Somalia: Dogs Kill 2, Injure 24

03/18/01 CA: Police Kill Pit Bull After Vicious Attack -SF Chronicle version

03/17/01 CA: Police Kill Pit Bull After Vicious Attack-Contra Costa Times version

03/08/01 Brazil: Shark Kills Swimmer Off City Beach

03/06/01 India: Scared Residents Let Monkeys Run Riot

03/06/01 MO: Child Mauled to Death by Dogs

03/01/01 MA: Wild Turkey Attacks Postal Worker

02/22/01 IL: Dog Helps Himself to Dinner; Kitchen Will Never Be the Same

02/22/01 China: Tiger Kills Keeper

02/20/01 UK: Zookeeper Attacked by Elephant DiesAnimal Attack Files Special Report

02/16/01 CA: Cassowary Attacks Zoo Worker

02/09/01Vancouver: Man Injured in Cougar AttackAnimal Attack Files Special Report

02/09/01 UK: Zookeeper Badly Injured by Elephant

02/08/01: FL Shark Attacks Reports Break Recod

02/05/01 * Pittsburgh: Zoo Gorilla Escapes, Gorges on Muffins And Orange Soda [photo]
* animal interest story, not an actual attack

02/05/01 San Jose: Schoolyard Pit Bull 'Kind Of Like A Mad Dog' [Video Link]

02/05/01 San Jose: Pit Bull Bites On Playground Then Invades School To Bite Again

02/05/01 Australia: Shark Attack Victim Saved By Wave

02/04/01 UK: Call For Killer Cat Curfew To Save Wildlife

02/04/01 UK: Feral Peacocks Terrorize Countryside

02/02/01 Santa Ana: Attack Dog Fear Grips Calif!
Southland Woman Mauled By Rottweiler

02/02/01 SF: Death Dogs' Violent Past

02/01/01 LA: Land Sharks!
Breeders In Arms Race To Build Better Death Dogs

02/01/01 SF: Death Dog Breeding Scam Never Took Off, Say Police

02/01/01 Oakland: Experts Say Dogs, Owners Share Responsibility For Attacks

02/01/01 Oakland: Well-Known Health Expert Seriously Injured in Mastiff Attack

02/01/01 Oakland: A Third Mastiff Attacks in Oakland! [photo]

02/01/01 SF: Death Dog Lawyers Deny Culpability

02/01/01 SF: Death Dog Lawyer/Owner Blames Victim!
'Her Perfume Made Him Kill'

02/01/01 SF: Public Anger Toward Dog Owners Follows Recent Attack

01/31/01 SF: Killer Dog Lawyers Adopt Imprisoned Mastermind
'Our Son'

01/31/01 SF: Killer Dogs Linked to Ring of Inmates

01/31/01 SF: Death 'Dog 'O War'
Aryan Brotherhood Runs Breeding Scam From Behind Bars [photos]

01/31/01 UK: Cats Kill 275 Million Animals Each Year

01/31/01 Adelaide: Bees Kill Man

01/30/01 SF: Killer Dog Owners May Face Manslaughter Charges

01/30/01 SF: Police Say Aryan Brotherhood Prison Ring Bred Death Dogs [photo]

01/30/01 SF: More Emerges In Death Dog Story

01/30/01 SF: City Reacts With Outrage to Killer Dogs

01/29/01 SF: 'Nice Doggie!'
Owner: Killer SF Dogs "were gentle", had "befriended kittens"

01/29/01 SF: Fearful Residents Call In More Scary Dog Threats [photos]

01/28/01 SF: LaCrosse Champion's Dog Death Afternoon

01/27/01 SF: Powerful Dogs Maul, Kill Woman in her Hallway

01/25/01 Russia: Starving Dogs Kill Two

01/19/01 Australia: Deadly Cane Toads On The March

01/18/01 Australia: Croc Hunts Croc HunterAnimal Attack Files Special Report

01/17/01 VA: Snake Collector Gets Bitten

01/14/01 Canada: 2 Dogs Maul Girl on Paper Route

01/13/ 01 FL: Killer of Donald Trump's Swan Claims Self-Defense

01/11/01 New Mexico: Rottweiler mauls 5-year-old in Alcalde

01/11/01 South Africa: Man Bites Snake to Save His Life

01/06/01 Essex, UK: Puma Blamed For Car Attack

01/03/01 Banff: Cougar Kills Skier in Canadian Park

01/03/01 Banff: Cougar Kills Skier in Canadian RockiesAnimal Attack Files Special Report

01/02/01 Cairo: Sheep Butts Owner Off Rooftop

01/01/01 India: Elephant Kills Man, Guards Corpse For 2 Weeks

2000 Animal Attack Files:

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