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2004 Animal Attack Files

2003 Animal Attack Files (links):Attack Files:

12/31/03 FL: Owner arrested in mauling
Slain neighbor's daughter: 'justice was served'

12/30/03 Russia: Bear mauls man in Kamchatka

12/30/03 MI: Neighbor's Pit Bull Attacks Local Woman in Detroit

12/30/03 FL: Pit bulls anger neighbors

12/29/03 Indonesia: Officials: World's largest snake caught

12/27/03 CA: Gas meter reader makes best of 'Hound Hell' in San Pablo

12/27/03 CA: Oakland Official Pushes for Dog Restrictions

12/24/03 Australia: Teenagers cling to tree as killer croc circles

12/24/03 Australia: Stalked men watch croc kill mate

12/24/03 UK: Anne's dog 'savages Queen's corgi'

12/23/03 India: Leopards spread fear in Bombay

12/23/03 CA: Brave new look After two years of recovery from a vicious attack by dogs, a teenager faces photographers and his own future

12/12/03 NC: Mauling leaves seen, unseen scars

12/12/03 India: Residents turn leopard-catchers

12/12/03 AL: Clever Moose Raiding Trash in Anchorage

12/11/03 IL: Cops warn coyotes have hurt area pets

12/11/03 IN: Lawsuit Filed After Python Attacks Boy
12/11/03: IN Uncle Bill's Faces Lawsuit After Python Bit a Boy

12/10/03 NJ: Judge Lifts Bear-Hunt Ban on Delaware Gap Parkland

[ follow-up to this attack report ]

12/09/03 NYTimes OpEd: The New Bear in Town

12/08/03 TX: Dog attacks woman holding two small children

12/06/03 AR: Rash of dog attacks bites residents

12/05/03 MA: Black bears generally non-agressive

12/05/03 MA: Investigation ongoing in hunter shooting

12/04/03 Russia: Bear kills two at theatre

12/03/03 MD: Runaway deer causes ruckus in shop

12/03/03 FL: Black bear sightings on the rise

12/03/03 WI: As wolves return, kill tally rises

12/02/03 OH: Council OK’s pilot coyote trap program

12/02/03 IA: Council toughens leash law

12/02/03 CA: Hunting humans? - Excerpt from The Beast in the Garden, by David Baron

12/02/03 NY: Suit Challenges Bear Hunt in Federal Park

12/02/03 CO: Toughen dog-control laws - Denver Post editorial

12/02/03 NY: Pols vow stricter dog rules - Elijah's Law would put bite on bad breeds

12/02/03 NY: It's time to muzzle dangerous mutts - by Juan Gonzalez, New York Daily News

12/02/03 FL: Lake Worth woman arrested after pit bull attacks children

12/01/03 Canada: Sloppy campers an 'extreme danger' Hunters, bears at risk because food, debris are left at campsites

12/01/03 CO: Pit bulls kill woman, injure 2 men in Elbert

12/01/03 South Africa: Shark Attack Raises Spear Fishing Fears
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: jdv2

11/29/03 Wash, DC: : How do you care for a tiger? The government will teach you

11/29/03 NJ: Acirvist Fasts in Protest of Black Bear Hunting

11/28/03 NY: Rottweiler Attacks Brooklyn Girl, 5

11/27/03 NJ: Pet dog attacks baby

11/26/03 India: Now, shark attacks in Chennai

11/25/03 Canada: Whistler bear feeder could face jail

11/25/03 CA: Pit bull in attack at park trained to be companion SPCA volunteer's dog may have been spooked by horse

11/21/03 TX: Autopsy: Woman found dead killed by dogs

11/21/03 AZ: Rebels without a cage: Minks pillage Northwest

11/21/03 NY: Pine Valley dog attacks child, seized

11/21/03 UK: Gulls may become a greater pest than rats

11/20/03 RI: Ordinance creates loophole in proposed city pit bull ban

11/19/03 NC: Residents urged not to shoot bears

11/18/03 Canada: Bear attack survivor battles for safety

11/18/03 GA: Rabid Fox Attacks Two Residents

11/18/03 India: Only India can help the tiger survive

11/16/03 OR: Attacks reflect increase in cougars

11/16/03 MO: Pet owners urge committee to keep an open mind

11/15/03 Gamonal: Wolf is back in Spain, but hostilities linger

11/15/03 WI: Milwaukee Postal Workers Find Live Gator

11/14/03 GA: Golfer survives rattlesnake bites to the head
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: Cyberbeg

11/14/03 CO: Rabid fox attacks Canyon park ranger

11/14/03 South Africa: Three killed in Kruger attacks by crocodile, leopard, elephant

11/14/03 PA: Parents charged in death of daughter by Family Python

11/13/03 USA: Disney film doesn't bear up under the facts - Critique of "Brother Bear"

11/13/03 South Africa: Killer instinct can be aroused in dogs

11/12/03 FL: Raccoon becomes 35th rabies case in Palm Beach County

11/11/03 CA: Battling the bird

11/11/03 TX: Dog Attacks Children, Law Enforcement, Bull

11/11/03 IA: Wording modified by council for vicious animal ordinance

11/11/03 York, Canada: If we ban pitbulls, ban teens, stoves, dog owners say

11/11/03 South Africa: Stricter dog control urged

11/10/03 South Africa: Dog breeder dies

11/10/03 Canada: Officer teaches respect for dogs - Edmundston policeman visits schools with German shepherd

11/10/03 New Zealand: Dog database a waste of money - When the urban dog owner starts to appreciate the beast within their pet, and acts accordingly, we will all be safer.

11/10/03 New Zealand: Vets in support of dog microchip programme

10/10/03 VA: Pit bulls get reprieve from Norfolk in shelter policy shift

11/09/03 CA: MDs heed call of the wilderness - The nation's first fellowship in wilderness medicine at Stanford offers lecture on wild animal attacks

11/09/03 CO: It's man vs. cougar in real-life thriller - Denver Post review of The Beast in the Garden by David Baron - THIS BOOK IS REQUIRED READING FOR AAF FANS! Purchase on

11/08/03 NJ: Tiger Lady Chronology

11/08/03 PA: Pit Bull Attacks 9-Year-Old Boy - Child Suffers Dog Bites On Arms, Legs

11/08/03 MD: Do we need to hunt black bears? - Maryland's black bears have become a nuisance ...Hunters tell us it's only a matter of time before one of these bears attacks a human.

11/08/03 CT: Father unhappy over lack of action against biting dog

11/07/03 Canada: Killer dogs probably playing, expert says

11/07/03 Mexico: Trip to Cancun turns frightening as dolphin attacks woman

11/07/03 PA: Family Dog Attacks 11-Month-0ld - Chester County boy underwent plastic surgery Thursday after he was attacked by one of his family's Rottweilers.

11/07/03 FL: Big cat caretaker - The serval, cougars, leopards - and a collection of dogs - make up an unusual mix of castoffs, but they all benefit from Deborah Cazin's compassion and expertise.

11/06/03 New Zealand: Microchips not the answer to dog attacks

11/06/03 South Africa: Dog attacks on the rise

11/06/03 Canada: Cause of dog attack will never be known - SAINT JOHN - The pack of rottweilers that killed four-year-old James Waddell could have attacked him because they considered him prey, a veterinarian told a coroner's inquest Wednesday.

11/06/03 IL: Owners fight to keep reptiles - Cobras, green anacondas, Gila monsters and other reptiles that might get booted from Lake County couldn't speak for themselves at a public hearing Wednesday night, but they had supporters who did it for them.

11/05/03 South Africa: Dog owner in court after boy (8) killed by dog pack

11/03/03 Australia: Man-eater Gets a Fat Lip

11/01/03 IN: Unknown animal attacks horses. Experts Puzzled.

11/03/03 MO: Pit Bull Attacks 5-Year-Old Girl

11/02/03 Sudan: Grasshopper swarm leaves 11 dead

11/02/03 Canada: N.B. inquest to probe deadly Rottweiler attack

11/02/03 IL: Pit bull attacks teenage trick-or-treater

11/02/03 Sydney: Australia's soaring crocodile population sharpening teeth on cattle and horses

11/01/03 TX: Bees attack in Brewster County

11/01/03 Hawaii: Shark attack victim remains in stable condition

11/01/03 Hawaii: Shark maims surf star

11/01/03 : In the jaws of death (Review of "Anatomy of a Shark Bite" Discovery Channel Documentary - November 16 and 17, 2003 and interview with Erich Ritter)

10/31/03 MD: Dog attacks have become more violent

10/31/03 Hawaii: Shark bites off surfer's left arm

10/31/03 Australia: New threat to Australian great white sharks: politicians

10/30/03 FL: Otter diagnosed with 34th case of rabies in Palm Beach County

10/29/03 UK: Boy fights off dog that attacked sister

10/29/03 KY: Victims' Family Seeks Tougher Animal Laws

10/28/03 NJ: Pet alligator gets loose aboard airliner
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: D.P.

10/28/03 CA: Mono County bear killed after attacking Orange County camper

10/28/03 CO: Crosswise over an elk

10/28/03 FL: Dog in Delray encounters rabid raccoon

10/27/03 Mumbai: Powai panther was stalking for easy prey

10/27/03 Alaska: Peninsula bears killed in defense of life, property hit new mark

10/27/03 Australia: Giant crocodiles prey on cows and dogs

10/26/03 OR: Cougars chewing at economy

10/26/03 Alaska: Bear talk offers advice, tips, safety information

10/26/03 CT: Insurance firms take a bite out of dog owners’ home policies

10/26/03 AZ: Pets vs. wild animals: How do we handle it?

10/25/03 Australia: Savage dogs pay penalty

10/24/03 MS: 2 cow slaughterings puzzle officials

10/23/03 AZ: Ranchers sue to remove wolves

10/23/03 NJ: Dozens Of Poisonous Snakes Found In Building

10/23/03 NY: Man Caught Keeping Variety Of Snakes In NYC Apartment

10/23/03 AZ: Jaguar photographed near Mexico border

10/23/03 IL: Dog ordinance gets update

10/23/03 MS: Livestock deaths unexplained

10/23/03 USA: Cat People

10/22/03 TN: Midstate woman says dogs killed her 'kids'

10/22/03 Waltham, MA: Coyote howl worse than their prowl: Animal control officer says the animals normally fear humans

10/22/03 FL: Freddy still in the slammer

10/22/03 FL: Being in tune with wild animals is a little skill and a little luck

10/22/03 Palm Beach, FL: Rabid fox attacks man on West Palm golf course

10/21/03 West Palm Beach, FL: Sick fox pushes rabies count to 32 in Palm Beach County

10/21/03 Burlington, IA: Death penalty ordinance passes

10/21/03 US: Can we get along?

10/21/03 FL: Woman charged in her pet's attack on man, guide dog

10/20/03 Mississippi: Rash Of Dog Attacks Worries Parents, Pet Owners

10/20/03 TX: Dog attacks owner

10/19/03 Burlington, Iowa: Stronger animal code tops council agenda

10/19/03 Florida: County experiencing problem with dog attacks

10/18/03 CA: License to kill: Residents face task of shooting lions after county cuts trapper position

10/17/03 FL: Dolphins DE Jason Taylor’s dog attacks teen

10/17/03: Leopard attacks cast a shadow on Borivali park

10/17/03 Mumbai, India: Leopard attacks cast a shadow on Borivali park

10/15/03 FL: 6-year-old boy loses 4 fingers to family dog

10/15/03 NY: Police dog attacks detective

10/14/03 AZ: Hostile bees infest Arizona

10/13/03 Mumbai, India: A leopard with a metro address

10/13/03 Germany: Police pull drunk bird

10/13/03 Northern Ireland: Wild animal crackdown after puma scare

10/12/03 US: Wild animals are not house pets

10/11/03 TX: Father, son charged with cruelty after pit bulls seized

10/12/03 Germany: Anglers urged to catch killer catfish

10/10/03 Germany: Buzzard attack warning to walkers as experts are baffled

10/09/03 Germany: Catfish eats pensioner's puppy

10/08/03 AK: Bears Kill Pair Who Lived Among Them

10/07/03 CA: Victim bitten as she tries to shield Jack Russell terrier

10/06/03 Florida: Shark attacks surfer; Treasure Coast beach closed

10/05/03 NV: Tiger Attacks During Show

09/30/03 TX: Man bitten by rattler while shopping at Wal-Mart

09/29/03 MA: Franklin Park gorilla escapes, attacks 2

09/29/03 MA: Joe Goes Banana

09/26/03 ME: Man forced to kill pit bulls

09/17/03 MS: Snakes send students from county school

09/15/03 Italy: Italy out to end the corgi menace

09/08/03 UK: Let us cull buzzards, say estate keepers


2003 Animal Attack Files (Archived):

10/08/03 AK: Alaska Bear Mauling Recorded on Tape

09/04/03 London: Fox attacks girl in her bedroom

09/01/03 CA: Beachgoers Warned About Great Whites

08/31/03 Lebanon: Giant lizard terrorises Beirut

08/28/03 England: Wasp swarm kills shooter on grouse moor

08/28/03 MO: Crazy carp boarding boats, injuring passengers

08/21/03 England: Boy Savaged by Pit Bulls

08/20/03 Australia: Whale leaps aboard sailing boat

08/20/03 CA: Shark kills woman in Central Coast attack

08/20/03 CA: Swimmer killed by great white shark 15-18 feet in length

08/19/03 Cambodia: Teen dies when fish jumps in his throat

08/10/03 WY: Angler catches bear attack on film

08/07/03 Italy: Doctors Operate on Woman Attacked by Two Pit Bulls

08/05/03 Zimbabwe: Spokane Teen Killed After Crocodile Attack In Africa

08/05/03 OH: Pet snake’s bite kills firefighter

07/23/03 Antarctica: British Scientist Killed by Antarctic Seal

07/21/03 Assam: Man killed after 3,000 kilo rhino is washed away

07/15/03 CO: Bear mauls 2 backpackers

07/11/03 Australia: "Killer" roo chopped with axe

06/26/03 Norway: Pig jealous of owner's boyfriend

06/25/03 China: Monkey Attack

06/20/03 FL: Alligator that killed 12-year-old caught, removed from Dead River

06/19/03 FL: Alligator grabs, drowns boy in marina

06/17/03 FL: Officials: 4 Pit Bulls Should Be Destroyed

06/14/03 ME: Police officer bitten by councilor's dog

06/13/03 MO: Shoplifter Releases Bees As Diversion

06/12/03 NJ: Mixed-up bird attacking cars

06/10/03 IL: Deer smashes through window, chases woman

06/03/03 FL: 4 Pit Bulls Maul FPL Meter Reader

05/30/03 IN: Warthog takes off in van owned by zoo

05/30/03 MN: Bees at the crosswalk make for afternoon buzz

05/29/03 Alaska: Polar bear attacks sub

05/28/03 RI: Raccoon Carjacks Woman; Escapes Police

05/27/03 MN: Hungry tigers at Chinese zoo maul each other as
managers struggle to feed them amid SARS slump

05/27/03 UK: Bull runs amok in antiques store

05/27/03 MA: Coyotes on the prowl

05/20/03 AZ: 3-month-old Phoenix girl killed by ants during nap

05/20/03 NY: Fate of dog that killed woman still up in air

05/18/03 NY: Landlord's dog kills Cortlandt woman

05/16/03 London: Man 'killed by own dog'

04/30/03 IN: Cop kills goose that pecked his dog

04/16/03 Germany: Wild boar jumps into bed with couple

04/14/03 UK: East End owl on prowl

04/12/03 E. Africa: Thirsty baboons attack villagers

03/27/03 Australia: Girl Fights Python to Save Kitten

03/07/03 MT: 2 victims of otter treated for rabies (newslink)

02/26/03 Scotland: Calls to cull birds of prey

02/26/03 IL: Mauling keeps boy in hospital

02/24/03 FL: Florida Woman Loses Part of Arm to Alligator Attack

02/20/03 TX: Bird attack key to conviction

01/15/03 IL: 3rd dog sought in attack on joggers over weekend

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